Jet Black Bronzing Boost

  • 120x bronzing boost


    Rejuvenating powerful bronzer that deeply nourishes and firms your skin providing a long-lasting, intense golden tan colour.

    extremely effective Immediate and Delayed Bronzers in combination with the accelerating Biotan formula makes your tan look truly gorgeous;

    contains Saiko Youth – a natural formula of youth, which significantly improves the condition of the skin and prevents photoaging;

    deeply nourishes and supports skin regeneration thanks to the content of Moroccan argan oil and True Beauty Blend, which will also highlight the golden tones of your tan and radiate its inner glow.

  • Product Type Tan accelerator, Immediate Bronzer, Delayed Bronzer
    Fragrance Pomegranate & Mango with Vanilla
    Size 250 ml 
    Bronzing level high
    Tingle level none
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